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I've been hiring people for certain roles over the last few years and I must say that things have really changed. At least from my perspective. Back in the day, the people I hired were very loyal and committed to the job and even though

I’ve been making websites since I was in University. I had learnt how to use photoshop and was doing designs for people. Then my wife who was my girlfriend at that time learnt how to build websites with Dreamweaver then she started learning HTML, CSS

So I took an early morning trip with my wife to the popular Makola market in Accra. She was getting some ingredients and equipment to make playdough for kids. I normally don't go on these trips but she was buying a whole bag of flour

One of the YouTubers that experienced rapid growth during the lockdown period was Tayo Aiya. From working as a former Uber driver and ex-military and now a professional filmmaker in Nigeria to a popular YouTuber, Tayo Aina has had a dramatic rise in his YouTube

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