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There are over 5.6 Billion searches globally on Google every day! How many of those searches find your website?
Use SEO to start attracting free and consistent traffic to your website and save lots of money.
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Strategic Insights For SEO

Attract your audience

One of the major benefits of SEO is that it attracts quality traffic to your website who are already in search for your product or service. These users have a high conversion rate because most of them are ready to transact.

How We Help

SEO strategy services

We have delivered many enterprise-level SEO strategies in our many years as a company. If you’re looking for a plan that highlights all the potential ways to grow, you’ve found it.

seo services

Increase sales and leads

Quality traffic will increase sales and leads. Reach people who are actively searching for your product or service.

Build trust & credibility

Having a constant space of the first page of Google adds value to your business. Reach thousands of people everyday and create lasting impressions through SEO.

Expand your business

Explore new opprtunities through your SEO. Find new niche segments of your market.

Rise above your competition

Stand out from the competition and gain a strong market share by ranking for relevant keywords within your industry.

SEO Works - The GetRooms Story

GetRooms is a website that provides a safe place where students can search for hostels from their mobile phones and can gain the managers phone numbers to secure their rooms. Their site is a rich resource of hostels in Ghana.

The Problem

GetRooms was a start up with no money for marketing to a potential 60,000 students in KNUST. They had a great product but needed to reach their target audience which is the students.

Why SEO?

The company considered SEO because they had spent a lot of money on posters, and other forms of traditional marketing with little or no return on their investment. They were spending to reach a large group of people but it didnt seem to work. SEO was more direct and were able to narrow down their marketing to users that were interested in finding a hostel.

12 Month Result

The first 12 months brought great results. GetRooms got thousands of users who were looking for hostels during the room booking season from Universities all over Ghana.

SEO growth

Start your SEO journey

The best time to start SEO was yesterday. Start with A site audit which includes keyword research. This will direct you and give you an idea of your potential for growth

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