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Why You Need a Professional Web Developer

Isn’t it obvious today how the concept of creating a website has evolved significantly, becoming more accessible to the average person? Various web development platforms and templates make it seem like anyone can design their own website, and indeed, they can. However, today’s article will bring you a whole different perspective regarding web development. 


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As we will explore in this article, creating a website is easier today than it was a decade ago, but there are compelling reasons why you should consider having a professional developer create your website instead of embarking on the DIY journey.

If your website is more than just a digital placeholder, if it’s the beating heart of your business or passion project, then stick around for some insights. Let’s delve into it.


1. Beyond Website Creation: Thinking About Strategy

A website is not just a digital placeholder for your business or personal endeavors. It’s a strategic component of your online presence. Your website is proof of your professionalism and trustworthiness. It keeps your business thriving for the long run hence, you must think beyond its creation and focus on a much bigger picture – your marketing strategy. 


The effectiveness of your website depends on its ability to seamlessly integrate with your broader marketing efforts, both online and offline. It is very disappointing to have a website that doesn’t seamlessly flow with your marketing strategy. Remember that the beauty of the website isn’t all there is to the success of your business. It’s the role it plays in your tactically built marketing strategy that counts. 

2. The Importance of Applications

The applications on your website are what transform those beautiful but empty pages into a dynamic, functional, and user-friendly platform. The functionality of your site makes you run it with ease. Simply put, without the right applications on your website, there’s no way you’re communicating your business to your audience. Your website ranks because applications ensure they are visible to search engines which allows you to reach your audiences and vice versa. Here are a few things your web applications help with to better appreciate them:  


  • Security: Security applications like firewalls and anti-malware tools protect the website from cyber threats from hackers and bots, ensuring a safe environment for you, the site owner, and visitors.
  • Automation: applications automate the repetitive tasks you do automatically to make your tasks flow like clockwork. Stuff like sending targeted emails, scheduling social media posts, and tracking user interactions.
  • Analytics and Insights: Applications for data analysis and reporting provide valuable insights into your website’s performance, user behavior, and areas for improvement.
  • Integration: Many application allows seamless integration with third-party services. For instance, you can integrate your website with social media platforms, payment gateway, or other business tools.
  • Loading Speed: Some applications are designed to optimize website loading speed, which is crucial for retaining visitors and improving SEO rankings.


It’s important to choose applications that align with your website’s goals and your users’ expectations. Professional web developers can recommend and implement the most suitable applications to ensure your website functions smoothly and efficiently.

4. Hosting and Optimization

Your hosting plan plays a significant role in the performance and accessibility of your website. A professional web developer can guide you in selecting the hosting plan that suits your needs, ensuring your website is fast, secure, and available 24/7. I have had so many people complain about the speed of their website only to find out that the server they were hosting it on is a free shared server which even puts their site at risk.

Additionally, developers can optimize your site for search engines (SEO), significantly improving its chances of ranking well on Google and other search engines. This is critical because even the most beautiful website is of little value if no one sees it.

5. Leveraging Professional Expertise

Professional web developers possess years of experience and knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in web development. That’s not all, technology wasn’t born today, today’s modern tech is a build-upon of previous tech that cannot be ignored. All those years of experience can’t be covered by just anyone aside from professional web developers.  They can offer insight and foresight, ensuring your website is future-proof and aligned with the latest industry standards while being built on the right fundamentals.


Speaking of professional developers, at Kekeli Buckner Agency, we understand the impact a professionally developed and well-optimized website can have on your goals. We have created and hosted countless websites that now serve as success stories for their owners. Choose us to build and manage your website and you will soon be one of our satisfied customer testimonials. Let us help you invest in digital assets that will bring value and returns over time.

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Final thoughts…

While it’s true that creating a website has become more accessible, it’s equally true that a website is more than just an online space. To succeed in the digital landscape, you need a website that’s part of a strategic approach. A professional web developer can help you see the bigger picture, avoid costly mistakes, and optimize your site for the best possible performance. So, why create your own website when you can unlock its full potential with professional guidance? 

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